Monday, December 21, 2009

Alaska, Final Days

How did I let this slip by? We had dinner several weeks ago with friends with whom we spent our last few days in Alaska, and I realized I had not completed the final piece of our journey. How time does fly. (be sure to click and enlarge the photos)

Friday, July 24, 2009: By 6 a.m. we had safely docked in Seward after having traveled 1748 nautical miles. Our voyage began in Vancouver to Ketchikan, Haines, Juneau, Sitka, Sitka - Day 6 With Friends, Hubbard Glacier, Hubbard Glacier... For This Is Love, and the next several days would be enjoyed with friends who would be waiting when we disembarked.

8:45 a.m. and there they were, Melanie and Jerry and their beautiful smiling faces. One stop along the way to stretch our legs, and in several hours we arrived at their fishing camp on the Kenai. As we gazed upon people gathered around the campfires, eating, talking, mingling along the water's edge, and on more than one occasion, we heard Jerry say, "it's all about the river", and that river and Alaska provided wonderful offerings (which became our delicious meals) of red salmon, razor clams and halibut cheeks. Does it get any better than that?

First morning on land: while taking a shower I suddenly realized my feet were squared for balance just as I had done the previous 6 days, for I felt the continuing rock of the ship, the to and fro, "sea legs" they call it, a phenomena that took several days to subside. I laughed! It doesn't take much to amuse, now does it?

The Fish Camp

Summer is over in Alaska, so it is told,
when the blossom of the Fireweed reaches the top.

The boyz are back from fishin'. With heads down and grinning faces, it looks as though they arrived empty handed. To offer this on their behalf: it so happened the rising river was near flood stage that day and coupled by the swiftness of its flow, few fish were caught by anyone on the river... but they were still goin' fishin'!

Around the campfire after a hard day's work...
and Dale, thank you too for being such a wonderful host

The Kenai River runs through Soldotna.
(click to enlarge the photo to see the people fishing at the shoreline.)

July 27: Following several days of rain, the sky selected blue for the day's color, and prior to boarding our flight, we would have a few hours to enjoy the Russian Orthodox Church, a lunch at Veronica's across the street, and a stop to see the dip-netting by people who lined the shore. All you need is a long-handled pole, net, waders and into the water you go. Here is a good explanation of the annual event.

We had a most memorable time with our friends!
and the next time we go to Alaska, I'm goin' fishin' .

Kenai to Anchorage to Seattle and homeward bound