Monday, December 7, 2009

Record Low Tonight?

Whenever someone asks what the temperatures are like here in the Pacific northwest, my husband will offer that on average we get about one week of 100 degrees in the summer, one week of below freezing sometime during the winter and a little snow that generally melts within a few days. Summers are dry, winters wet, and during this time of year we have many foggy days, but generally speaking winter months seldom deter us from doing some work in the garden, and especially into December. A sweatshirt, a stocking cap and gloves and off we go.

According to Accu-weather, a normal high for our area and the month of December is 45 degrees F and an average low of 33 to 37 degrees, but on Friday the National Weather Service reported an arctic blast headed toward northwest Oregon and southwest Washington late Saturday and Sunday and frigid temperatures continue. With wind gusts yesterday, the bitter cold reminded me of being back in the Midwest. Brrrr.

Today's high temperature will not rise above freezing, and an expected low of 13 and wind gusts of 20-30 mph will find us staying inside and looking out (at least for the first three photos). Be sure to click to enlarge. Stay warm folks.

Do you see ole man winter?