Thursday, December 17, 2009

Train Station WINNER!

About The Train Station:
I have always been attracted to buildings with character,
those rooted in America and that could chronicle many tales. Abandoned two-story farm homes, old weathered barns, covered bridges, and this station I frequented, all fill me with intrigue. I love the simplicity of line in this rendering, the solitude, and of course its historic value, and this was an attempt at preserving my memories of it on canvas.

I have received so much joy from doing this, and thank you all for your kind and generous comments, so appreciated. Ever so heartwarming are the stories some of you shared, the connection with family members whose lives were intertwined with trains and the railroad industry. My family too has those nostalgic ties.

So without further adieu, drum roll please, drrrrrrrrr........ out of the hat... Congratulations to Annie's Granny from Annie's Kitchen Garden!

Oh, let's draw a few more. Yes, we have Phillip of Dirt Therapy! Liisa of Green Mountain Gardener, George of A Nod Is As Good As A Wink, and last but not least and from way across the pond, it's Liz of Nutty Gnome!

Now that was fun. Thank you all for participating! Would the five of you please contact me with your mailing information.

(Friday morning note: I wrote this post Thursday in anticipation of having it ready for today and saved it to 'draft'. Once the winners were revealed this morning and in my excitement to get it published, I forgot to copy it to a 'new post', thus the Thursday date. Sometimes life is so hard. lol)