Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garden Brunch and Tea Party

As I write about yesterday's event, I find myself smiling, for it was a most pleasurable day, from the very early morning preparation, to when the ladies arrived at 9:30 a.m., to when we departed well after 1 o'clock, and there was ne'er a dull moment.

Elaborate it was not, but intimate, simple and fun, and it was from the garden that much of it was made available and that added to the pleasure. The garden flowers I had arranged the prior day were now placed about our favorite spots with little signs to encourage... stop and enjoy that areas atmosphere.

The table was set: a white cloth and folded napkins; colorful and fragrant garden roses in a small short center arrangement; sprigs of fresh herbs - bay leaves, lavender and rosemary lined the center of the table (and much of which the ladies took home with them); a floral notepad and lavender favor; and at the far end was a little tea pot with a small mouse... do you remember how the Mad Hatter and the March Hare finally put the (sleepy) mouse's head into a teapot?

A separate table outside the tent was arranged with a scalloped floral bedspread as a table cloth; upon it was a water pitcher and glasses, a large assortment of teas, cups and tea pots, cream and sugar, and of course a simple flower arrangement. "You must have a cup of tea!"

As I made final preparation in the kitchen, the ladies were enjoying one another and having their first cup of tea. In short order, we served buffet style from the kitchen and back outside we went for a nice brunch and wonderful conversation.

Whole Bran Muffins with apples, molasses, and walnuts
Spinach & Feta Quiche

Grilled Italian Sausage

Rosemary Yukon Gold
Red Grapes
Bowl of Colorful Fruit
, supplied by one of the guests,
a Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb Pie from another...
and of course "You must have a cup of tea!"

It was a perfect morning: overcast, cool breeze, but my mouth did fly open at one point when the rain fell upon the tent in a quick short burst. Shortly thereafter, the blue of the day appeared and we began our stroll along the garden paths, talking of various specimen, of many questions pertaining to our garden, and simply enjoying this day, together, the neighbor ladies. And you'll be happy to know we now have 4 new little birds nesting in the Sambucus.

What a great day it was! And you know who else had fun? My husband. He kept bringing out more pots of hot water, making sure we were okay, taking a few pictures, then darting off back into the house.

What a hoot! The ladies are already talking about when we might do it again. Perhaps the next time a few of the others will be able to make it, for we missed them.

Oh, and due to our abundant harvest of snow peas, they each took away a little bag of fresh ones, and oops, we forgot to vote on the favorite hat. Next time.