Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Styrax And Rosa 'Rambling Rector'

Styrax japonicus (Japanese Snowbell tree)

Delicate little snow bells are falling from the sky. We marvel at these fragrant white flowers which grow beneath the foliage and horizontal branching. Having reached its peak, the blossoms have begun to blanket the area beneath the tree... like snow in June.

I love this rose and wish we could have it closer to the house, but its vigor is best suited where it currently resides, along a deer fence. In full bloom is this multiflora rambler, Rosa 'Rambling Rector'.

Its creamy white clusters of profuse semi-double blossoms abound. I do believe it could climb to the sky if there were something to support it, for it currently reaches 15 by 20 feet. Hard to believe this was once a 10 inch starter plant with a single stem when first we placed it in the ground. Shakespeare's Musk, some call it, but for me it offers a scent of clove. And that always reminds me of my father.

At each twist and turn in the garden this time of year, the air is filled with beautiful color and intoxicating fragrance.