Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Yellow Finch and Garden

I wonder what blossoms await their stardom this morning. 50 degrees and a most inviting cool breeze accompanied a little stroll to locate the offerings. Would you look at this Regal Trumpet Lily (Lilium Regale). I cannot imagine a garden without this fragrant beauty that was brought to us via China's Szechuan region.

What could be my favorite rose in the garden is R. "Louise Clements". What's not to love about her gorgeous color and amazing fragrance! and this poppy has blossomed non-stop.

Okay, it's not a blossom, but clearly stops me in my tracks any time it does this. Acer griseum (paperbark maple) struts its stuff all year long with its wonderful cinnamon colored bark, and for me, it is all about the bark!

The finch were so active, hurriedly scurrying and flitting about the morning garden, and as I turned back toward the front of the house they were flying in and out of the fountain, doing what they had to do, for they knew the coolness of the day would be transformed into the heat of the mid-80's. Quickly they disguised themselves within the neighboring trees as I came closer.

I sat motionless under the netted tent, enjoying this beautiful Saturday morning and purposefully waited and watched in hope of seeing the male yellow finch. Soon several somewhat dull yellowish-brown females ventured to the fountain for a sip or two, one decided to bathe, and in their very nervous way, abruptly again flew away. Back and forth, in and out... the little ladies were sprucing up for the day.

Abundantly available in our garden, they are delightful creatures as they twit and turn, skirmish about, but curious as only the females have ventured to the fountain. Ah, but there he is! Finally, but just for a few seconds, and shortly thereafter, she followed.

Had he just arrived or had he been lingering, watching, protecting the ladies while they drank?

Time to head back in, but one more for the morning. The Lavender 'Hidcote' is in its glory as am I when I gaze upon its stand. (Painter lady, lavender, daylily 'Lavender Deal')