Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weather Bug

Have you found the best way to forecast the day's weather is to simply look outside your window and just go with it? Clearly, the weather forecasters cannot tell you what to expect from one hour to the next, let alone a day or several days ahead.

Not forecast, at least on my weather bug, was the amount of rain we got on Wednesday; sunny, clear blue skies and to reach 72 degrees. Not. The day remained overcast, and the steady rain throughout the day was greatly appreciated by the gardens.

On Thursday, fog, clouds, a pleasant 55 degrees supposedly would yield 73 sometime during the day... and we would go with the flow and simply see how that turned out. Never have fallen for the excuse but it's raining... there is always plenty to do inside or out.

This morning's 55 degrees and lingering cloud cover makes for great gardening time so we are headed outdoors while it lasts.

Did I tell you we are having a Mad Hatter's Garden Tea Party this coming weekend? The ladies in our neighborhood have been invited for brunch and tea. The cost of admission is to wear a hat which each has decorated. We have plenty tea pots (found extra ones at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift store... love that place), odds and ends of tea cups... the menu is planned, and I'm excited, for it will be so much fun.

Shall I check the weather bug? Nah... that kind of anticipation might just ruin the party.