Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trip To The Coast

We drove to the Oregon coast on Friday, a day to clear our heads so to speak. The heat and humidity had finally disappeared as the rains fell inland. There was a likely chance we might have clearer skies as we approached the ocean, but our greatest anticipation was to replace heads of pollen with fresh and sweet saltwater air.

A light rain followed us westward, and the temperature held at a constant 55 as we reached and drove north along the coastline. Mist and fog played with us throughout the journey, and any sunshine would be delayed for another day. But all was well as we traveled leisurely and visited with our friends who we had invited to join us some time ago.

Oftentimes this was our view to the east.

Layers of ancient lava flow are visible along the Oregon coast, but without difficulty the Armeria maritima and it's pink blossoms grow beautifully atop the beds.

As per our usual habit, we brought the essentials for a wonderful dinner: lamb chops for the grill, fresh garden asparagus, rosemary potatoes... and a nice bottle of Pinot Noir.

It was a rather short trip - leave the following morning - but it was a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Our gardens await back home.